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[NAVER Cloud] Talent Pool (AI)

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Job positions
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Full time
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2023.12.07 ~ 2025.01.01 (00:00)

Please use your PC to send in your application.

About 'Talent Pool'

If you apply for this position, you will be registered in the 'NAVER Cloud Talent Pool (AI)',

This is the platform where we prioritize the review of applications for the purpose of immediate consideration when hiring needs arise.

When there is a demand for recruitment in specific job roles, applications are prioritized for review. If your profile matches a specific role, we will contact you separately for the selection process.


# Recruitment Process: Document Screening (including Culture-fit Test, Coding Test) ▶ 1st Interview ▶ Reference Check & 2nd Interview

※The recruitment process and employment terms may be subject to change based on the situation.

# Required&Preferred Qualifications:

- Holding a PhD or equivalent experience in Computer Science (CS), Electrical Engineering (EE), Mathematics, or other relevant fields.

- Having at least one paper authored as the first author in top-tier AI/ML-related conferences or equivalent industrial experiences in AI/ML fields.

- Strong communication skills and experience in research collaborations.

# Location: Seongnam-si, Korea

The workplace may vary depending on the timing or organizational circumstances.

# Additional Information:

- Individuals fulfilling or exempted from military service obilgations are eligible to apply (for Korean citizens with military service duty only).

- Falsification in the application or submission of false documents may result in the cancellation of the application/employment.

- Preferential treatment is given to employment protection candidates such as national merit recipients and people with disablilities, in accordance with relevant laws (of Korea, Republic of).

- To receive additional points for being a national merit recipient, you must submit a 'Employment Support Target Certificate' to the company.

- A probationary period of 3 months applies after employement. The probation period may be extended or the hiring may be canceled based on evaluations.

- For inquiries, please contact via NAVER Cloud Careers Homepage.